Master Secrets Collection

Master Secrets Collection

Finally! The Gold-Mine is UNLOCKED!….

“Right Now” is Your Chance to Get
 Fight DOMINANCE, Persuasion, Strength,
 Success Mastery, and Living in FREEDOM using ELITE WARRIOR SKILLS
 of The Ancient and Modern Masters that no one has anywhere else

The Confidential Master-Secrets Collection: 41 CDs & 12 DVDs of underground warrior "how-to"
1180.00 One-Time-Offer only 397.00 + Free Worldwide Shipping! (that's a 795.00 discount!)

WARNING: This is for Grown-ups only. If youʼre one of the Militant Mediocre, the Willfully Weak, a Mental Marxist, an Ego-freak, or if you are easily offended by in-your-face honesty, do not read further.

But if you are a positive and intelligent person looking for Authentic Warrior Knowledge and Essential Skills and Tactics that you can use to become a powerful person in your own right and a force to be reckoned with, then this is for you.

Right now is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain access into the mind and “members-only” elite teachings and coaching sessions of a modern-day Master Trainer and...

Get the “Insider” Black Belt Strategies 
and Techniques for
Delivered right to your door!

So listen closely, because it really all comes down to this: What do YOU really want?

Do you want to be a Person of Power and a Force to Be Reckoned With?

Do you want to Radiate Magnetic Influence wherever you go?

Do you want to be as Strong, Fast and Deadly as a Lion so you can handle your self in any situation?

How about Manifesting More Money than you ever have before?

How about Relationships that Empower and Inspire You, instead of drain your energy and stress you out?

How about being Calm, Confident and in Control every day?

How about having the Tactical Advantage and Superior Skills to SURVIVE and THRIVE no matter what the world is doing?

If so, then I've got great news for you!

I know that if you're reading this right now....

You're Not One To Follow The Herd and Conform.
You know that within you is an INNER WARRIOR that you can develop
and unleash to DOMINATE Life!

I know it may sound over-the-top to most people.

A round earth also sounded unrealistic to most people.“Everyone” knew that the earth was flat.

Yet folks like Aryabhata, Homer, Pythagoras and others knew better and said so. Today we have satellite photos showing us what those insightful wise men knew all along.

So why is it that right off the bat most people think this kind of stuff sounds over-the-top?

It’s because most people want what they were “told” to want, what they are expected to want by society, and what their limiting beliefs tell you you “can” want.

They never take the time to think or learn “outside of the box.” They’re stuck in what they’ve been taught and programmed with and if you’ve noticed, they never get great results.

They think things like this aren’t possible. Many years ago, these were the very same people who believed the earth was flat. They put Socrates, Galileo and others who thought in newer and better ways to get better results, to death.

They put the man who discovered germs and told people to wash their hands into an insane asylum! (his name was Ignaz Semmelweis)

These types of people still exist today. They’re called “the masses.” I call them “Sheeple People”

They’re the ones who scoffed and chided the Wright Brothers for saying they were going to build a machine that men could fly in (known today as the Airplane)

These types of things sound very unusual or unbelievable to them, and so they scoff and are negative. And they never get out of the box. They live militantly mediocre lives, all the while acting self-righteous and resenting those who dare to live powerfully.

But fortunately, YOU are probably not one of the masses! You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t a thinker – someone who knows there is an edge to get the things you really want out of life. That’s why you’re here now. You looked for something different and you found us off the beaten path.

of Essential Skills and Elite Tactics!

For many years, Master Scott Bolan has been showing people how to use essential warrior skills to reach their goals with laser-precision, how to make something of themselves and get what they really want out of life.

You may have heard him on the radio or read about him. His courses like Mental Warfare Secrets, Complete Combat, Martial Mastery, Warrior Meditation and Secrets of The Hagakure are world-wide bestsellers that have inspired and empowered thousands of people just like you. His ability to impart warrior wisdom and elite skills is unsurpassed.

Hereʼs what you may not know…

For four years from September 2006 to September 2010, Scott Bolan recorded a “members-only” private CD, and sometimes a DVD, for his “invitation-only” Inner Circle Members.

These discs included his private research and discoveries of cutting-edge knowledge, strategies, tactics, elite skills and “how-to” wisdom that they could study at their convenience, in the privacy of their own homes to find out how to get the results they wanted.

They’ve used These Skills to Achieve Their Goals, 
Attract their Soul-Mate, Sharpen their Mind-Sword, 
Shed Fat and Build Powerful “Combat-Ready” Bodies, 
Build Stronger Families, Start Their Own Business,
 Develop Personal Power, Get Back Control, and discover their Inner Warrior

Numerous Inner Circle Members have written in over the years jumping for joy and saying “THIS STUFF WORKS!”

And in these Confidential discs, now you can also discover for your self how to…

- Live Powerfully (You only live once, live as a Warrior)

- Take Hold Of Your Own Destiny

- Verbal Warfare Skills that Really Work!

- The MARTIAL COMBATIVES Secret  (Not knowing this can get you KILLED!)

- 3 ways to Increase Your Life Force to Live Longer, Stronger and Happier

- Scott’s most effective stay-at-home Secrets to Make Huge Money

- 7 Master-Keys to Unstoppable Confidence and Rock-Solid Peace-of-Mind

- Survive and THRIVE in any Economy or under any Regime Change

- MMA For the Mind (Mental MMA!)

- How to overcome your weaknesses and become as strong as you’d like

• How To Destroy Your Enemies
  (without breaking the law, without compromising your integrity and honor)

• How To Destroy FEAR and get it out of your life for good!

- Restore Peace, Order, and Progress to your Home and Family

- 5 Ways to Know When Someone is Lying

- Use the Authentic and Modern-day teachings and skills of the Ninja, Ninpo, Samurai and other Warriors for Mastering Daily Life (it’s like adding ROCKET-FUEL to your skills and abilities!)

- Stop An Armed Attacker or Active Shooter, even if you’re unarmed!

- 4 Ways to KILL a Terrorist

- Know When They Even THINK of Attacking You, and Stop Them COLD in Advance

- Read The Minds of Others (this is a Crucial and Necessary Warrior Life-Skill)

- Manifest MONEY so You Can Focus on What is Most Important To You and be able to Help Others

- Lead The Field In YOUR Chosen Endeavor

- Radio interviews with Scott giving insights, wisdom, and live question-and-answer with callers!

- Scott Bolan’s personal ad-copy and info-marketing secrets (hey, you’re reading this right now, what does that tell you?)

- Stunning and Shocking Mind-and-Body BATTLE-winning secrets!

- Nutrition and Health Secrets that will Amaze You

- Thrive in Chaos!

These confidential Discs were never offered to the public, and not available anywhere else. You HAD to be a member to get them.

You Probably Know How Powerful Scott's Popular Home-Study Programs Are
That Were Made Available to the Public...

Just Imagine How Much MORE Powerful
These CONFIDENTIAL Teachings Are!

These Inner Circle Member discs are the perhaps the most powerful, insightful, cutting-edge “how-to” information that we’ve ever compiled.

They are packed with “the ultimate” in…

Advanced Martial Arts Skills • Mental Mastery • Unstoppable Persuasion & Influence

Elite Survival Secrets • Underground NLP • Speed Hypnotherapy • Amazing Strength Secrets

Personal Defense Weapons • Superior Nutrition • Dynamic Relationships • Longevity Secrets

Prosperity Skills (yes it is actually a skill) • Training Secrets for lightning-fast results

Verbal Warfare and Ninpo Body-Language • Money-Making-at-home • Harmonic Attraction

Warrior Fitness Secrets • Mental Warfare “how-to” • Intuition Development... and more

Some of These discs also Include Scott’s Interviews and Collaborations
with WORLD-FAMOUS Elite Special Guest Trainers!

Over the years, people have often asked if we’d make these Inner Circle Discs available, even offering us sweet piles of cold hard cash. Scott has always said “no” (I always told him he was crazy for doing so)

Earlier this year, we moved our offices and while we were un-boxing things we found a complete set of over 4 years worth of these private member discs.

I said “wouldn’t it be a good idea to collect these in a new package for people?”

Scott got very quiet for a moment. You could hear a pin drop!

Then he closed his eyes, opened them, smiled and said “YES”!!!

Without even trying, I talked him into doing what
people have been asking us to do for YEARS!

Then he said, “Make it available for the next 30 days, and give people a GREAT deal on it. People need this information and Warrior Skills that can Strengthen them and help them Prosper.”

Then he turned around and walked out.

Just like that!

Don’t tell anyone this, but at that moment I literally jumped for joy!

Now you get to be in on Scott Bolan’s most private and powerful discussions and research on Martial Arts, Combat, Mental Warfare, Personal Mastery, Enlightenment, and the Advanced Skills of Ancient and Modern-Day Warriors!

Now it’s your turn. You get it all in the Master-Secrets Collection. 41 CDs and 12 DVDs of some of the most empowering and essential material you can find anywhere.

Can you imagine what you can do in your life with this kind of information?


So let’s do the math, okay?

Inner Circle Membership was 295.00 per year. There’s 4 years worth, so that would normally be 1,180.00

But Scott did say “give them a GREAT deal", so how about I give you the deal of a lifetime?

How about if we make the whole kit and caboodle in a special package, for just 397.00

That's a 783.00 DISCOUNT!

And we’ll also throw in FREE Worldwide Shipping for you.

Is that fair enough?

Okay then, you’ve got it!

Even if you have many of Scott’s best-selling products, rest assured they do not even compare to what you get in the MASTER-SECRETS COLLECTION of Confidential Discs.

They were the one-on-one from Scott to you. That’s why it says “Private” and it will remain that way after this once-in-a-lifetime special offer.

This is your opportunity for inside access into the mind of a modern-day master coach

It’s like having Scott Bolan right there at the table with you or sitting in the car with you, sharing wisdom and ‘how-to’ tactics, showing you how to solve problems and achieve your goals.

I don’t know about you, but for me, losing is simply not an option.

If you feel the same way, it is vitally important that you get this treasure-trove of Confidential Information.

Even if just one of these Master-Secrets worked for you, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Of course it would.

And here you get the entire Master-Secrets Collection for just a small fraction of the original cost.

This will be the most valuable set you own in your Knowledge Arsenal. It’s an audio and video Encyclopedia of Warrior Tradecraft and elite techniques.

This is a one-time-offer that goes away for good, so order right now and your Master-Secrets Collection package will ship right out!



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