Ultimately, Mastery means CONTROL. When you see a Skiing Instructor skiing down the slope fast, beautifully, and perfectly, what you are seeingis someone who is in complete Control of their Skiing. They have it Mastered.

Likewise, you can Master EVERY area of your life – your Health, your Money, your Relationships, Your Spiritual Strength, Your Mental Strength, your Speech, your Communication, your Persuasion Abilities – yes, you CAN do everything in Life MASTERFULLY!

The Mastery Program is a specific training program that gives you a Video and Workbook (with question and answer and assignments) Module that shows you HOW to Master each area of life over a 12 month period.

Your possibilities for transformation are limitless! I can’t wait to see all the ways you change and how your life becomes what you want it to be!



The Ultimate Peak Performance Coach, Scott Bolan can show you how to master your mind, body, spirit and relationships, manifest money, develop deadly hands that are dangerous to attackers, kick ass and live life powerfully!

A pioneer in martial arts and personal development, Scott Bolan is an acclaimed author, trainer and peak performance coach. Through his seminars, books, articles, and audio and video teachings, he reaches thousands of people each year.