A pioneer in martial arts and personal development, Scott Bolan is an acclaimed author, speaker, mentor and peak performance coach. Through his seminars, audio and video courses and coaching, he empowers thousands of people worldwide.

From humble beginnings in a broken home and poverty to worldwide success, Scott Bolan’s journey as a warrior began at the age of 8 when he embarked on a lifelong study of martial arts, philosophy and mental training. He discovered martial arts secrets could be used for mastery in every area of life with what is known as the Apex: the highest point which cuts through any obstacle. His revolutionary teachings and bestselling breakthrough programs have helped countless people achieve success. You can read more about Scott here.


+ Bestselling Author & Peak Performance Coach
+ Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer
+ Hypnotherapy Coach
+ Advanced Close Quarters Combat Trainer
+ Certified Law Enforcement Continuum Trainer

+ Jeet Kune Do Full Instructor
+ Atemi Jitsu Black Belt
+ Kenpo Black Belt
+ Shito Ryu Black Belt
+ Who’s Who In The Martial Arts Hall of Honors

+ Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2x Inductee:
+ Author of the Year
+ Lifetime Achievement Award
+ American Martial Arts Legends Award Inductee
+ 2019 Martial Arts Masters and Pioneers

Scott Bolan can show you how to master your mind, body, spirit and relationships, manifest money, develop deadly hands and sharpen your mind sword to a razor’s edge to kick ass and live life powerfully. His insightful wisdom and dynamic methods work instantly and cut through like a laser-beam. Scott’s revolutionary teachings and bestselling breakthrough programs have helped countless people achieve success.

I really appreciate your extra effort. You really do care about your students, so uncommon these days. I have literally spent around 100K on consulting and management firms over the last three years and you are the only teacher that I have known of that stands by your word, gives your students the real “skinny” on whatever you are sharing, and knocks us out with your thoroughness. I just want you to know that and I don’t give out compliments easily, in fact I have been known to be a little intense at times. Guess that is the way G-d made me. I hate bulls–t. You deliver my man! You have a student and referral source for life.

Jeff King DC– King Clinic

The freedom and detachment I established with your teachings is awesome. I never felt so good before. To use your words, it’s simply unfair. I skyrocketed everything in my life. Finally you helped me to transform into the warrior I always wanted to be. And this is just the beginning. Man, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You. I know you like Bruce Lee, we all do, now I am like water… unstoppable! All the best for you and all you care for, may God bless you always. Yours, WID

Christopher Widmoser – Professional Musician, Business Owner

Scott Bolan’s coaching has brought magic into my life and career. Simply amazing!

Nieve Malandra – Singer, Model and Business Owner

I’ve been following Scott for some time now and I gotta tell you, he’s actually RIDICULED by his peers for his “in your face” style. No kidding! I’ve talked to other martial arts instructors who don’t think he’s their “equal”. And most of them are right… because he BLOWS THEM OUT OF THE WATER with his perspective BEYOND just hand-to-hand combat!

Jeff Anderson – Publisher, Modern Combat and Survival Magazine

Martial Mastery is exactly what I was expecting. I have studied success mastery for many years and have written three best selling books on natural strength and fitness. Please offer my gratitude to Scott.

John E. Peterson –  Transformetrics

If you haven’t listened, trained with or watched Scott Bolan’s videos you are definitely missing a treat in tactical knowledge and life motivation. I personally endorse Scott Bolan as a master level instructor. I would highly recommend Scott Bolan to anybody looking to better their skills in all areas of life. Scott is a true professional.

Hank Hayes – No Lie Blades

What is on your DVDs Scared me and Excited me all at the same time. I have watched Scott’s DVD, and read the manual for the 3rd time and I can’t NOT learn some life-saving tactics each time I go through it. This is a must for anyone who is serious about saving their life. This is a no-frills, get in your face, just watch, listen and learn, heap-high content system! I’m totally jazzed that there is something like this available to the common guy. You have made this available at such an affordable price that even the most budget-conscious person would feel like a moron for not jumping at the chance to get this life-saving package that will be a mainstay in their library for years to come! You made it a pleasure to learn what I needed to know to be totally confident in any situation I find myself in. Stay Terrific.

PS. “I mean every word I said about your tactics. I am so glad I studied your DVDs. I only wish I had something like this sooner in my life.”

Wayne Pickering N.D., Sc.M. – 5 Medals Awarded Combat Vet – S. Vietnam, Cambodia, Santo Domingo Crisis. Author, Speaker, Award-Winning Tri- Athlete, Double Nominee for the Healthy American Fitness Award.