How To Defend Your Family

How To Defend Your Family

All-NEW Program Shows You....

... in ANY Situation!
Stop Bigger and Multiple Attackers,
Discover "Secret-Agent" Escape and Evasion Tactics,
Disarm Attackers LIGHTNING-FAST!
This GROUNDBREAKING Training Program
Fills the HUGE Gap in Your Tactical Knowledge!

... a Gap You May Not Have Known Existed.

Dear Friend,

No matter how much you Train Self Defense, now matter how great a Tactical Shooter you are, wouldn't it all be a SICK waste of your time if you didn't know how to defend your family?

Think about it right now: you are the Protector. So you Train (as any real man should).

You hit the gym, go to classes, study materials from Master Trainers, and do your best to be prepared.

That's all good and well, but you and yours are in huge DANGER if you stop there.

There is another area that must be trained, an area that no one is even talking about!


Imagine this: you're out on a stroll with your wife and 2 kids on a nice, relaxing evening.

3 gang-bangers step out of nowhere and circle you and start cussing and threatening.

... then one pulls out a Knife.

Up until now, you may have studied and trained the best ways to get your self out of this nasty situation.

But NOW you have 3 other people to get out of there safely... and they DON'T have your knowledge, training, skills, bodily
strength or mind-set.


It's crucial moments like this that define
how well you've been training, and if
you've missed this, you have neglected
your training and by doing so,
endangered your own family!

Think about it: if you have a family, how often do you spend time with them? How often are you with them?

You're probably with them a major portion of your time, right?

That's why it's more likely that you'll be attacked when you are WITH them.

And if you are attacked while you're with them, THEY will probably be attacked too!

You see, violent criminals attack families because they know there are vulnerabilities they can exploit, and they want to dominate the situation by causing FEAR and PANIC.

A prepared family that knows what to do, and you knowing how to Defend them in any situation is CRUCIAL to Surviving this kind of attack.

This subject is vitally important, and yet it is SHOCKINGLY overlooked in Martial Arts and Self Defense Tactical Training. It's barely given a cursory nod, if acknowledged at all. And that sets you and your family up to be victims.

Is that what you really want?

Hell, No!

Fortunately, the all-new HOW TO DEFEND YOUR FAMILY home study course shows you everything you need to know.

Even if You DON'T Have a Family -
even if you're a single person,

these elite Tactical Secrets can SAVE YOUR LIFE
and Keep You and Yours SAFE

Get these Skills that Put You Ahead of The Pack 
and Become CONFIDENT in the Face of Danger

In this new program, you will learn how to...

  • 7 "Equalizers" - how to turn just about anything into a DEADLY WEAPON for Self-Defense

  • Stalker Prevention and Stalker-STOPPING (this ain't PC, but it Works!)

    Defend Multiple People (you, your family, your girlfriend) from Multiple Attackers!

    How to prepare the whole household for HOME INVASION Defense

    SOLID Social Media Safety for you, and your teen (you won't hear this anywhere else)

    Rape-STOP: simple yet effective methods women and children can use to stop grown men COLD

    How to Spot Perverts and Protect Your Children

    False Confidence: so you checked the sex offender registry where you live? Guess what: that list only includes people who were caught and convicted. Most of these crimes aren't caught or even reported. That means the list does NOT include most offenders... who could be your neighbors, co-workers or school teachers. In How To Defend Your Family, you'll learn the behavior patterns and red flags to "spot the bad guy" who may be in your midst, and prevent the worst from ever happening!

    3 Destruction Tactics that takedown ANY Attacker - regardless of their size, strength or skill level!

    How to protect your self and your family from Evil Influences

    How To Lead and restore peace, order and safety in ANY home

    What every man, woman and child MUST know when it "hits the fan"

    How To Secure Your Home on a Small Budget

    Strong Minds equal Strong Results - here's how to get the whole family STRONG-MINDED

    Rock-Solid CONFIDENCE that Repels Attacks (You can have it, and so can your wife and children. Here's HOW)

    How to Train and Prepare Your Family for Successful Attack Avoidance and Defensive Tactics... (they'll LOVE this and Thank You for it!)

    Superior Defensive Tactics for almost every situation imaginable - especially if YOU aren't there to protect them!

    The absolute best Travel Safety and Shopping Safety tips and tactics

    From the minds of notorious Violent Criminal Perverts: Kidnap Prevention and Escape (What your and yours must DO to Survive and Escape if ABDUCTED)

    How to Escape from vehicles, restraints and tie-ups, hostage situations, and more

    "Must-Know" Secrets to Surviving a Mass-Shooting incident in crowded public places

And much much more!!...

I could write another 20 pages just to outline everything you get in this all new-course that no one has anywhere else.

Look, we live in a DANGEROUS world. Nothing can guarantee your safety or your family's safety from attack.

It Could Happen At Any Time!

But have you ever heard that "luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity"?

If you're NOT prepared, then the likelihood of your Attacker getting "lucky" (harming or killing you and yours), goes up HUGE.

If you ARE prepared, YOUR odds of getting "lucky" and escaping, surviving, or Destroying your Attacker goes up HUGE!

Does that make sense?

The bottom line is, not having this information and elite defensive tactics is just plain foolish.

If you think you don't need this info because "we live in a good neighborhood" or "my kid goes to a good school", you are living in a fantasy.

Violent criminals and pedophile perverts do not discriminate on demographics, and they come from EVERY demographic - including YOURS!

Get this info now and prepare yourself, your significant others, your friends and family, to handle whatever the forces of darkness might try to throw their way.

You will be glad you did, and I really do mean that.

In fact, we're so confident you will love and appreciate this powerful and valuable tactical skills toolbox, we stand behind it with a rock-solid 100% money-back guarantee.

With nothing to lose and only a safer, stronger you and yours to gain, Order Now!


3 DVDs, 4 CDs – only 197.00 (+8.00 Shipping & Handling)


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