Warrior King Empire Builder (Digital + Hard Copy)

Warrior King Empire Builder (Digital + Hard Copy)

Never Before At ANY Time In History Has It Been More Important to...

Be a Warrior KING and Build YOUR EMPIRE! All-New Program Shows You How, Lightning-Fast! Money, SEX, Power, Fame,  WEALTH and Legacy Can Now Be YOURS With These Proven Steps Direct From a Modern Master and His Close Inner Circle, All of Whome Have Done It In The REAL WORLD and Can SHOW YOU HOW Precisely!

Dear Fellow Warrior, 

Let's get right to the point.



​Wear a Mask in Public.

Riots and Looting.

Murder in the Streets.

That's in the last 60 days right up to the present moment as I write this.

So my question is: WHAT NEXT?

Trust me, it's going to get WORSE.

And if you're a Warrior King EMPIRE BUILDER, your life is going to get BETTER and BETTER, very quickly.

Yes, I said that.

Read it again.

Here's why:

In Crisis, There Is OPPORTUNITY

​Do you know how many people GOT RICH during the great housing market crash of 2007?

Do you know how many people GOT RICH during the recession of the late 70's?

Do you know how many people GOT RICH during the Great Depression?


And now, in this crisis, YOU should be one of the one's who are GETTING RICH.

And I don't just mean money.


Right now, take a moment to consider this: we are living in a time of crisis, and yet also a time of opportunity. We are seeing things happen that have NEVER happened before. Sure, there have been riots. But not on THIS scale. And being forced to close your business and stay home for MONTHS, wear a mask and "social distance"?

That's NEVER happened before in our lifetimes.

It makes you realize that


And You Damn Well Better Be PREPARED

​Have you ever heard that "Luck Is What Happens When Preparedness Meets Opportunity"?

It's True!

And the opposite is also true.

Bad Luck Is What Happens When You Are NOT Prepared.

That is pure truth. But here's where most people miss it, and you probably were too:

​The Game Has Changed,

Being "Prepared" Is NOT Enough!

​When we look at crisis, there is also a reflective awakening. We realize how fragile the veneer of society is, and how easily our freedoms can be taken away.

We realize how short our life spans are (even if you live a healthy hundred years it's a relatively short time)

So the question is, if you've got one life on this earth, what are you going to DO with it?

Simply prepare and survive?

That's cool, but if we did only that we'd be missing it. Because life is a precious gift...

​It Is Our Calling And Duty As Warriors To Become KINGS

​Life is a precious gift, and Not Giving It Your All is Neglecting The Gift!

Yes, Life is a precious gift and it is our responsibility to MAXIMIZE every aspect - from our...

* Health and Strength - You should be vibrantly health and as strong as a Lion

* Appearance - you should not only BE healthy, but you should LOOK GREAT and BADASS So You Radiate Power, Strength, Intelligence and Sophistication NATURALLY! Listen. You ARE judged by your appearance,  your appearnce is Communication and Communication is PAY! You should look sharp as a whip and ready to rock and roll whenever you leave the house (or have guests) and have "James Bond" appeal (Scott can show you how no matter your age or fitness level!)

* Wealth - You, Yes YOU, should be Prospering, Abundant, Diversified and at the top of your game!

* Relationships - you should be at Peace, have Joy, BLISS, and Harmony. You CAN have it "Perfect"!

 * Your Family - should have Order, Love, Respect, Peace and Harmony, Common Goals and Priorities, and a VISION

* Your Career - You, yes YOU! should be abundanty successful and highly regarded and respected in your chosen field

 * Leadership - You should LEAD Powerfully and Prosperously, and Be Respected Everywhere You Go

* Your Legacy and Heritage - you CAN and Should Have One (Scott will show you how to create one) - you should live such a Powerful and Full Life That It Is Remembered and Cherished For Generations To Come

* Your Enterprises - you should own MULTIPLE Properties, business, and enterprises! Yes, you really can, and it's EASIER than you think!

​And right now, for the first time ever, you have an opportunity to

Discover How YOU Can Do It All and HAVE IT ALL


By being personally taught and mentored by someone who has done it for real in the real world.

Scott Bolan is well known as the Ultimate Peak Performance Coach and the Modern Day Ninja. You probably know who he is, or you wouldn't be here reading this right now. But in case you're new, let me give you a quick overview of who Scott Bolan is, and how he can help you BECOME A WARRIOR KING and Build Your Own Empire.

You see, Scott grew up poor in a broken home in bad neighborhoods. With every disadvantage, he self-masterd and caputured his destiny and built an Empire. From rags to riches, he went on to worldwide acclaim, wealth and fame for empowering thousands of people worldwide. He's also successful as a father and husband. He married the hottie of his dreams and they've been happily married and still on their honeymoon for 25 years. They had 6 children and homeschooled them all, the oldest 4 are already off on successful career paths at a very young age. And they are NOT SNOWFLAKES. They are smart and strong, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

One of Scott's fondest career memories is being paid to write articles for Black Belt Magazine and being interviewed countless times at their headquarters in Los Angeles - a dream come true for a kid who grew up reading the magazine! You may have also heard one of his radio or podcast interviews, or heard about him through a friend. 

With multiple Black Belts and Advanced Certifications and a lifetime of study and training in the Martial Arts and numerous Mental Arts like NLP and Hypnosis, he's been twice inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame - as Author of the Year in 2015 and a Life Achievement Award in 2016, and in 2019 was inducted into the Who's Who In The Martial Arts Hall of Heroes and given a Legends Award!

Scott is a true bad-ass alright, but he is a Warrior With Heart. He genuinely cares about people and loves to show them how to conquer, prosper, WIN IN LIFE and become true Warrior Kings.

Scott told me that "Every Man and Woman should look at themselves as Modern Royalty. They should think BIG, conquer their worlds, and establish their Empire. They should live in Strength. A Strong Body. A Strong Mind. A Strong Spirit. A Strong Life. A Powerful Life. I did it, and I'm going to show people how to do it. We're going to show them the "behind the scenes" secrets of becoming a Warrior King and Building an Empire, so they can do it too!"

And in this all-new course that no one has anywhere else, he's done exactly THAT.

In these 10 "Pure Gold" DVDs, you'll Discover How To...

● VISION-PLAN so you Reach The Highest Goals

● Reverse-Engineer Anyone's Success so You Can Have the Same (or Better) Success!

● Scott's "Secret Routine" to "Stay ALPHA" for Constant, Effortless Power and Success

● Longevity Secrets (Scott says he will live in his body 120 years, and that 60 is "middle age", not "retirement age") 

● MIND FORCE MAGNETISM: the mental "pull" that causes what you want to come to YOU 

● NINJA Intuitive Investment: Markets Move On Emotion! How to "capture" the most profitable places

● Quickly MULTIPLY Resources

● Money Out of Thin Air Overnight (does that sound 'over-the-top'? Watch Him Do It and See It For Your Self!) 

● How To Pull Any Family Together and Grow Stronger 

● The Victory Shield: Overcome any Personal Problem or Crisis

● Create Your Circle: How to Attract adn Keep QUALITY people into your life 

● How To Get More Shit DONE in just a few days than most men do in a few years

● Lessons Scott Taught His Son and How He Has Successfully Applied them (This will be your LIGHTSWITCH Moment!) 

● The Truth About SEX and How To Have It Better Than Ever

● Develop a Strong Body and FAST FAT LOSS 

● EMPIRE MIND: The 4 Mental Cornerstones You MUST Have To Dominate Life!

● Spiritual Empire: Why This One Factor Is The Most Important of Them All

    (it's the "power supply" for all of the rest) and How To Have a STRONG Spirit

● The Success Secrets of The Mega-Successful (on every level)

● How to magnetically attract QUALITY people into your life! (LOW QUALITY PEOPLE will destroy your life) 

● The Principle of The Triads and how to use it for Daily Power, Motivation, and Dynamic Results

● Discover Your Greatest Personal Asset and Tap Into It

● Never "Retire" but be able to whenever you want, but you're having so much fun you don't want to!

   (Paul McCartney doesn't need the money, but he's having so much fund doing something he's good at,

     he never stops!)

● Meal Planning, Discipline, and Asset Management Secrets 

● Rock-Solid Relationship: How To Make It Work and Keep It Working While Having FUN

● EMPIRE ARSENAL: The Best Weapons For Any Situation

● Mind-Blowing Money-Making and Money-Saving Secrets  

● Martial Arts Secrets of Self-Healing and Super-Longevity

● The Millionaire Mind Map 

● Have More Fun Than a Rock Star 

● Define Your Perfect Mate, and Have Her Come To YOU

● Remove The Subconscious Blockages You Didn't Know You Had, and Watch Your Results Skyrocket! 

... and more! So much more I could write for another week.

Look. These all-new teachings are pure gold and will Level Up your game. The time has never been better for this, and you owe it to your self to take it to the next level.

That's why, for the next few weeks only, (until June 21st) you can have it for Half-Off! Just 247.00 for Digital, or 297.00 for Digital + Hard Copy. After that, Digital goes up to 595.00, and Hard Copy goes up to 695.00

Look, if you get just ONE Idea, Tactic or Strategy that changes your life, then it would be worth it at 10 times the price! But here you get it for half-off!

Plus, the first 20 people who order get the 400.00 Personal Empowerment Path course as a FREE Bonus!

Order Now, and start Building Your Empire today!

Steve Richards


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