Command Contol and Conquer: the Magic Weapon! (Digital Version)

Command Contol and Conquer: the Magic Weapon! (Digital Version)

Dear Fellow Warrior…

I am literally Jumping For Joy and ready to do Backflips!

I am about to share with you a Timeless, Ancient, and yet All-NEW Discovery that gives you the fundamentally MOST POWERFUL WEAPON known to Mankind.

This Weapon has the power to grant LIFE, DEATH, HEALTH, WEALTH, and Everything you’ve ever dreamed of, literally in an instant.

Yes, it’s true.

Yes, I mean it.

And Yes, it’s Right Here, Right Now.

And Yes, I can prove it to you. Right Here, Right Now.

And it all Begins with this simple question:

Who Are the Most Powerful, Wealthy, Influential, DANGEROUS, and Highest-Paid People in The World?

You might be thinking World Leaders in Government. Leaders in Mega-Business Like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and mega-banking financiers and CEO’s.

You might be thinking of Hollywood Actors who get, for a single film that took them a year to make, get paid $100,000,000… or more!

And You’re Right!

They really ARE the most powerful, wealthy, influential and highest-paid people in the world.

But HOW do they do it?

We already know WHAT they did – won elections, built business empires, acted in blockbusters – and that’s not what we’re after. It’s HOW.

Because anyone can do those external things (the What), but it’s the “HOW” that we want – what’s their secret?

Because if we know how to do what they do and if we just got a small fraction of their success we’d be doing GREAT, right?

You might not want a Billion or 100 Million, but I bet a Million or two would set you up sweet, right?

And I don’t want to limit you – if a Billion or 100 Million is what you really want, it’s not impossible in the abundant universe we live in!

So HOW did they do it? (so we can do the same thing, even if on a smaller scale)

Is it REALLY “who you know”?


Many if not most of the world’s most powerful people were not born into influential families.

Many were born poor or lower-middle-class.

They come from different backgrounds, and while yes they also have many shared attributes, there is ONE single most powerful tool that they used to get where they are…

They Used Programming Language… They Literally TALKED Their Way Into It with their VOICE, TONALITY, and BODY LANGUAGE.

And so can YOU.


Listen up right here my friend, because I am going to tell you some HARD TRUTH. Look, I don’t want to offend anybody, but I have to tell it like it is, because..

Truth Is Truth.

Whether We Like It or Not.

And the Truth IS…

Everything You Want….

Everything You Will Ever Get….


You Will Have To Use LANGUAGE To Get.


And that means your Spoken WORDS. Your Speech.

And HOW you say the words – Your TONALITY.



Combine those 3 and you have a “Geenie In A Bottle”

You might not know it, you might not like it.

But that’s the way it IS.

You might not believe it, but it’s still TRUE.

Believing in something or not isn’t what makes it true or not.

You might not believe Gravity exists.

But go ahead and hold out your coffee cup and let go, and see what happens (please only do so under safe circumstances)

You’ll see Gravity happen, even though you didn’t believe Gravity exists.

Does that make sense?

Yes my friend,

Everything You Want… EVERYTHING! You Will Have To Use LANGUAGE To Get.  Yes, LANGUAGE. And That Means Your Spoken WORDS (which includes your Tonality and Body Language)

You now know that this is true. To deny it would simply be dishonest.


How did you get your job? You “applied”, and in an interview YOU SPOKE.

And if you spoke well enough…. YOU GOT HIRED!

Sure, your Resume may have proceeded you (that’s “speech” too, just written instead of spoken), but ultimately you sat in front of someone and you spoke with them in the right way, and THAT is what closed the deal.

How do you start a successful business?

Of course you have to use diligence, planning and research – but ultimately what will bring it into existence is what you SPEAK – when you ask the right questions, when you say what you want in the right way, and then you take actions to go after what you want – you literally speak them into existence!

And you get customers by SPEAKING with them in the right way, whether it’s in person, video, or on the phone! And even if you’re only advertising on the web, that too is Speech, it’s just “written” speaking.


I must admit Scott Bolan showed me how to Attract using only Energy, which makes it EASIER, FUNNER and FASTER – and oh my my the results have been awesome!!

But Attraction only opens the door!

To Close The Deal You’re Going To Have To Speak With The Right Words, Energy and Tempo…

That’s When The FUN Happens!

Attraction is a necessary step one (and a huge one for most guys, one they’re often too afraid to take), but at that point only your SPEAKING can come in to close the deal and make it happen – and make it last (if that’s what you’re looking for).

Look. I could go on and on all day about the vital importance of your combined Speaking, Tempo and Energetic powers – and you know it’s true.

The question is…

How Can YOU Master This Skill, QUICKLY and EASILY, So You Can Start Using It Like A Genie In A Bottle To Get What You Want?

Well listen up my friend because I’ve got GREAT NEWS FOR YOU. You’ve heard of Scott Bolan or you wouldn’t be reading this now. If you haven’t, boy are you in for a major treat!

You see, Scott is known as the MODERN DAY NINJA and the ULTIMATE MASTERY COACH because his ability to teach elite skills is unsurpassed.

A three-time Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee (DVD of the Year, Jeet Kune Do Instructor of the Year, Life Achievement Award), Scott Bolan is a pioneer and groundbreaker self-development. He combined the wisdom of the Ancient Samurai and Ninja, with Modern Skills like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Mental Warfare, Mind Control and Advanced Energetics.

Scott’s groundbreaking courses are worldwide bestsellers, and we get dozens of letters from people around the world jumping for joy about the amazing transformation and results they get.

There’s no fooling around here. Scott Bolan hits hard and tells it like it is. Just one conversation with this man can change your life, and that is an absolute fact. And in spite of all he’s accomplished and all he can do, he is the most down-to-earth nice guy you could meet. In other words, unlike other teachers, trainers and “gurus”, Scott has…

No Big EGO! And No BIG BELLY That Usually Comes With The Big EGO Trainers!

Yup. Scott is NO B.S. – He will look you in the eye and tell you the truth. He’ll show you exactly how to get the results you want in any area of life. That’s why it’s called TOTAL LIFE MASTERY.

And this time, Scott has put together a Confidential NEW home study course called THE MAGIC WEAPON that shows you exactly how to use your #1 tool – your Speaking – to get what you want, from yourself and from others. This stuff is so damn powerful…

It’s Mind-Blowing!

In this NEW teaching, you will discover for your self how to…

  • Program Yourself For Constant Success
  • Stay Ready (Naturally) So You Don’t Have To “Get Ready” (think of the HUGE advantage this gives you!!)
  • Write Your Own Story, Create The Life You Want – on a DAILY Basis
  • Break the Spell: Create NEW, Empowering Habits, and quickly Destroy Bad Habits
  • The “Laserbeam” Technique: Capture Your Energy and Thoughts and use it to get everything you want!
  • The 7 Principles of MIND FORCE that MUST be in place for POWER-SPEAKING
  • How to get Anyone to Willingly OBEY You (and think it was their idea  Warning: do not take unfair advantage of others with this)


.. and he let me film the entire weekend! You’ll discover for your self…

  • In Depth Teachings (stuff he won’t share in public!)
  • Instant State-Change Drills (control your state, control your result!)
  • How To Break The Hold Others Have Over You and Be FREE
  • DESTROY Negative Thinking
  • The “Reverse Attack” Mind-Trick that shuts down Manipulators
  • How To Make 100k or Even 1,000,000!!
  • How To TAKE BACK CONTROL of Your Time and Life
  • Powerful Persuasion Language
  • How To Pivot Your Thinking so You Remain in Power

… and much much more!

Want your own proof? Okay. You will get to practice these drills when you see them live on the videos (and watch them get all of their questions answered personally) and see it for yourself instantly.

Thousands of men have been helped to achieve maximum success in all areas of life, from business success to personal change, from relationships and romantic fulfillment to healing, thanks to the groundbreaking work of Scott Bolan.

The feedback is phenomenal and overwhelming!

And let me ask you a question. Right now what would your life be like if you absolutely knew

How To READ People and DIRECT THEM… just like a movie director!

Imagine being able to read another person's thoughts and intentions as easily as reading a traffic signal, and thwart their verbal attacks, and direct them to do what you want! Would that be a valuable skill to have in your life? Just what could you do with such a skill? Wouldn’t it be great to have that power?!

Well, now is your chance to have it, forever, by getting the all-new SUPREME SELF-MASTERY home study program!

Scott left no stone unturned and no question unanswered to make sure you can Understand and Apply these skills, so you can take it home with you and keep it forever.


Let’s talk about circumstance. Let’s talk about life. All of life. How about relationships? Is there anything you want from other people? I’ll bet there is!
Do you want a perfect marriage?

Want your kids to get better grades and not fool with around with drugs?

Are you looking for a soul mate you can really trust, who looks hotter than hell and fulfills all of your fantasies too?

Okay, then! Get ready for this: Scott’s VERY Special (and Beautiful) Guest tells you exactly….


You will learn from THEIR perspective, and the true nature of male and female relationships, society, family, and more!

And all through these DVDs, you’ll see Scott use his skills in NLP, Silva Mind Control, Hypnosis, Warrior Energetics and Mental Warfare to show you how to CONSCIOUSLY AND SUBLIMINALLY to get real results.

Get the “How-To!”

(the most important aspect of a teaching, most commonly overlooked by other teachings)

The people who were at this private coaching weekend will be talking about it for YEARS to come.

Look. it would take me another 17 pages just to outline it all here. But don’t be scared by all the “inside” stuff — the fact is, Scott teaches in a way that makes it EASY to learn and will quickly take all the mystery and frustration away, and change your life quickly!


Because it’s simple yet comprehensive — everything is explained in a way that even a pip-squeak 13-year-old could understand! (It makes no difference whether or not you’re a martial artist, a skilled NLP’er, or a brand spankin’ newbie, you get an unfair advantage over the rest of the population — it’s a simple as that!)

You get your own proof (through actual real world results) almost instantly!

Here’s the deal: we call it the COMMAND, CONTROL AND CONQUER: THE MAGIC WEPAON! because it’s about getting what you want FAST! In fact, please remember this when it comes to learning new skills – “if it ain’t fast, it won’t last.”

Lots of Self-Help, Seduction & NLP Guru’s out there want to spoon-feed you esoteric BS and dumb drills, to keep you coming back and paying money year after year.

Scott has a different approach: we teach you everything you need on Day One. Fast!

Here’s the two most important questions you MUST KNOW about acquiring new skills:

1. “Does it have the Light-Bulb effect?” What that means is, do you get the “aha!” moment like throwing on a light switch in a dark room – the moment that light bulb goes on you SEE IT!

It should be that fast, plain and simple to grasp, understand and apply to any circumstance in your life. Why? Because the exact Sciences of Personal Power, Persuasion & Influence and Life Mastery are innate. In other words, you were born with them and they are already there and they will work instantly once you re-discover them. It’s like a light switch going on!

2. “Does it work in the Real World?” That’s the bottom line: will it work outside of the classroom? This is what separates the student from the master. The student can do it in the classroom under the master’s supervision, but the student becomes the master when he can do it on his own, in his daily life outside of the classroom!

That’s the way Scott taught Martial Arts & Close Quarters Combat for years, and why his videos (back in the days of good ‘ol VHS) sold HUGE from day one! (and still do)

Why is that? Because he shows you how to f’ing get it done, alright?

So why would he teach the The Magic Weapon any differently?

The best analogy I can give you is this: instead of intricate Katas (movement patterns) and fancy spinning high kicks and meditation, Scott simply showed my students How To End The Fight In One Move Cold! And yes, against a Bigger Stronger Attackers, or Multiple Armed Attackers.

People from all walks of life from Cops, Scientists and Professors have paid him THOUSANDS for just a few days of Private Training where he single-handedly showed them How To Instantly End A Fight In One Move (Regardless of Their Size or Skill!)

Now there isn’t any Devastating Martial Arts in this new program (although Scott addresses a few aspects and answers some questions with wisdom that will have you more aware and dangerously formidable in your own right) but the reason I mention it here is to show you that the kind of approach Scott took to revolutionize the Martial Arts, help also took to revolutionize the NLP, Hypnosis, the Persuasion & Influence Arts combined into Supreme Self Mastery for stunning results!

I mean, let’s take all of that above and apply it to the MENTAL and VERBAL Martial Arts…what do we come up with? We come up with the Fastest, Strongest, Most Effective Skills you can find anywhere. Period.

And now, with the COMMAND CONTROL AND CONQUER teachings you get to Make It YOURS.

So here’s the deal: you get 10 DVDs, an mp3 CD and a HUGE manual of PURE POWER.

Scott’s materials are elite and only available for a limited time. He doesn’t want these powerful teachings falling into the hands of the masses and sheeple. He makes them for Warriors – action-takers like you who want the edge in life.

So order now, and get ready to discover how to COMMAND, CONTROL AND CONQUER using the MAGIC WEAPON.

You do not want to miss out on this!


Steve Richards


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