Speed NLP (Digital Version)

Speed NLP (Digital Version)

Dear Friend,

You are about to discover amazing easy-to-learn tools for, personal change, powerful influence and peak performance in any area you desire.

But first, I must ask you one of the most important questions you could ever be asked

What Do You REALLY Want?….

If you could ask for, and Get what you really want – “Like Asking A Genie In A Bottle” – what would you ask for?

• Would you like to Multiply Your Personal Power?

• Want to Expand Your Circle of Influence – wherever you go?

• Want to be able to read others as easily as a traffic light?

• Want to have a Lasting, Genuine Confidence?

• Want to be able to get others to do what you want them to do – for real?

• Want to Know How to drop their “Psychic Shield” and get them to feel the way you want them to feel – with only a glance?

• How About Having More and Better Sex?

• Want “laser-sharp” Peak Performance and Goal Achievement that amazes your friends and confuses your enemies?

• Do You Want The Ability To Manifest Abundance?

• Would You Like To Have True “Emotional Mastery”?

• Want to Know How To Instantly Change Your Feelings and Personal Habits?

• Want the Secret to Covertly Hypnotize others through simple Conversation?

…. and much, much more!

If this is what you’d ask for and what you’d like to Get…

SPEED NLP Is Your “Genie In A Bottle”

Listen up, friend.

I want you to be absolutely certain you understand what we’re talking about here. That’s why I’m going to break it down for you, so that a 3rd grader would understand it, and a nuclear engineer would LOVE it!

Is that fair enough?

First of all, what IS Neuro-Linguistic Programming, also known as NLP?

There’s a lot to this definition, but I’ll give you a simple and logical breakdown:

“Neuro” means “neurological processes” which dominantly influence “behaviour patterns”

“Linguistic” means “Language”

“Programming” refers to our Behavior Patterns – both Conscious and Subconscious.

So Neuro-Linguistic Programming literally means “Nerve-Language Programming” – to get the results we want!

“Do You Mean We Can PROGRAM Ourselves and
Others Through Verbal, Body, and Energetic Language
to Change Behavior Patterns, SUPERIOR Performance,
and Get The Results We Want?”

You’re Damn Right That’s What I Mean!

And not only that, we can do it BETTER and

That’s where the “SPEED” part comes in.

Ever hear of Speed Reading?

It’s the same concept!

With SPEED NLP, you learn it fast, and you learn how to do it to get the results you want – FAST!

No more wasting countless hours with “Ivory Tower” and Esoteric B.S.

Now wait a minute! I am NOT putting down other NLP trainers or learning systems.

There’s plenty of great info and learnings to be found in other training courses. Just like there is plenty to be learned in a formal Martial Art.

SPEED NLP is the “down and dirty street fighter” new way to do NLP. It’s fast, it’s dynamic, it’s powerful, and it just plain works!

Whether you’ve never even heard of NLP, or if you’ve been at it for years and are an accomplished practitioner or trainer, you’ll LOVE how powerful and effective SPEED NLP really is. You’ll wish you’d known about it years ago, and be jumping for joy that you’ve discovered it now!

SPEED NLP is Rocket-Fuel for your Peak Performance in everything you do. You’ll be amazed at the instant change you’ll notice, and how quickly you can learn to do this!


You can spend 3 to 5 years to get a Black Belt in Karate, and that’s not a bad thing. There are all kinds of benefits – fitness, personal discipline, self-defense, and sportsmanship.

But that’s NOT learning the hardcore reality of street-fighting, and the LETHAL force necessary to stop a terrorist cold!

Honestly, I think the old adage that “It takes years to become a good fighter” is Absolute Bulls**t!

In a few hours I can show you how to effectively destroy a bigger, stronger attacker.

This pisses off some style-loyalists and karate instructors who…

a) Think THEY are the “all-knowing” teacher/fighter (HUGE Ego!)

b) Want students on yearly contracts and belt testing fees for cash

c) Spent 5 years to get their skills the slow way, and since that’s the way they did it, it’s the ONLY way, right?…


Fact #1:  Give me two days and I’ll send you home a force to be reckoned with and a powerful person in your own right.

I’ve had more seasoned Black Belts, Officers, Combat Vets than I can currently count tell me they’ve learned more about Fighting in a single day (and even a few hours) with me – than they’ve had in YEARS of trainings.

Fact #2:  NLP can be learned the same “Hardcore” way – using laser-precise methods that cut through all the B.S. and work so good it’s almost unfair!

NLP Trainers, Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Life Coaches, Martial Arts Instructors, etc have given raving testimonials about my teachings, jumping for joy and shouting “This Stuff Works!”

You really don’t need to waste time learning something the hard, long, boring, mechanical way. What’s important is that you can get to it’s “essentials” – and apply them accurately. That’s what’s called a “Skill”, and that’s really the bottom line.

No offense to anyone, but I think it’s a waste of time doing countless drills and getting mediocre results. That’s why whatever I do…

I do it using Bruce Lee’s “Economy of Motion” – meaning
Get the Maximum Results for the Least Amount of Effort!

After all, why do it the hard way?

Here’s why most people do: Because they’ve been programmed that it must be hard and take a long time to learn.

But tell that to a street-fighter who kicks a Black Belt’s ass!

The street-fighter never stepped into a Dojo or the Ring. He just fights INSTIINCTIVELY – and so it’s Easier and Faster for him.

The Black Belt is all tied up with years of technical goobly-gook – “put your foot here, put your hand here” etc etc – and it slows him down!

That’s why Bruce Lee was so personally liberated and such a Fast and Powerful Fighter – he transcended the “mechanical”. And now with SPEED NLP, you can “Transcend the Mechanical” and discover Fast and Powerful NLP…

to Learn and Use NLP Powerfully!

Yes. Don’t forget the “Powerful” part. After all, if it’s not Powerful, it’s not Effective.

Does that make sense?

Just imagine how it feels to know and understand exactly how to make the behavioral changes you want in your self, and in others.

It’s the ultimate empowerment!

Look. As a lifelong Martial Artist I’ve earned multiple Black Belts, Certifications, Martial Arts Hall-of-Fame induction, and authored numerous published articles and worldwide bestselling training courses. That’s why many people know of me in the Martial Arts and peak performance worlds.

But what you may not know is that I’ve had a lifelong passion and dedication to the mental side of training as well.

In fact, any Honest and Enlightened Warrior knows that Physical, Mental and Spiritual Martial Arts are INSEPARABLE.

SPEED NLP is a “Mental Martial Art” in it’s own right, and stands on it’s own as one of the most dynamic
tools you will EVER have in your knowledge arsenal.

It really is the golden “Hacks” for instant and lasting change and peak performance!

And I’ve laid it all out in such an easy-to-learn manner, all you need to do is pop the discs in and watch and listen. It pretty much downloads into your brain everything you need to know!

The moment you pop the discs in, you’ll discover for your self…

• How to “See” Into The Minds Of Others and Predict Their Behaviours with Frightening Accuracy! (WARNING: Do NOT take unfair advantage of others with this)

• COVERT Methods to Powerfully Persuade, Influence, and Help Others

• Lightning-Fast “State Change” – in yourself and others (the secret power-tool)

• How to Anchor your self for Magnetic Success – and Anchor others TO you! (This is SUPER-Fun and the Results are Thrilling!)

• Dynamically Increase Your Energy

• Learn 100x – 200x Faster Than Everyone Else

• Stop “Energy Vampires”

• Covertly Hypnotize others using only your personal energy!

• The SHOCKING secret you MUST KNOW about NLP… it’s the “Atomic Bomb” that no one else knows or is teaching!

You see, the bottom line is this: NLP is about Peak Performance

… On The Job

… In Your Martial Arts progress and performance

… In your athletic abilities

… In Your Relationships

… Negotiating Deals with Customers

… in your own Self-Mastery and Destiny

…. and Performing At Your Very Best In Everything You Do

It Means Being Able To Change Your Habits and Behaviors So You Can Live The Way You Want and Be The Way You
Want To Be – The Way You Know You Really SHOULD Be!

Do you see how helpful this can be and useful to you?

Would you like to learn it FAST, so you can do it with SPEED?

If so, you’re going to LOVE this…

Because SPEED NLP is like NLP on Steroids!
It’s Your “Rocket-Fuel” for Peak Performance in Your…

• Communication • Martial Arts • Marksmanship • Sports Performance

• Athletic Competition • Sales • Marketing • Relationships • Dating

Circle-Of-Influence • Entreprenuerialism • Interviewing • Speaking

•Debating • Body Language • Writing • Persuasion • Influence

…. and so much more it would take an entire encyclopedia to lay it all out here!

You probably know by now that this is something that will be VERY useful to you. Tell you what, just to give you an accurate picture of what you’ll be getting, here are the track titles of the discs!…

•The 5 Master-Keys of Speed NLP (they’re really all you need, but I also give you the entire foundation and every dirty trick in the book)

• The Speed NLP Flow Chart – easy to memorize and use like a “secret weapon”

• How To Gain Instant Rapport

• How To Control Your Senses

• How To Read The Senses of Others – Easily and Fast!

• The truth about Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic – and the secret advantage of the “sixth sense” that is NOT taught in the “pop NLP” of today.

• How To Read People As Easily Traffic Lights

• Breathing Patterns for Control of Self and Others!

• Covert Mirroring and Modelling

• Get What You Want From Someone (with integrity and ease)

• Anchor The Feelings You Want Them To Have

• Pattern Interrupts and State Change

• How To Install and Change Automatic Habits

• Swish Patterns on Steroids

• Ninjutsu & NLP: The Moonlit Pathways

• Advanced Anchoring Behavior Reading Brain Change”

• How To REALLY Anchor

• How To Choose Your Own State By Design (no more Default and trying to feel a certain way!)

• Anchoring even when there is Resistance!

• The Best Way To Anchor Yourself

• The Best Way To Anchor Others

• How To Sell Like Crazy Using Speed NLP

• How To Plant Ideas in Others… (they’ll think it was their idea!)

• The Speed NLP “Objection Eraser” (warning: do not take unfair advantage of others with this, and only sell things that benefit others – or this will backfire on you!)

• Effortless Closing

• Laser-Like Focus and Attention – whenever you need it, whenever you want it

• Negative Reinforcement and Role Reversal (the unfair secret!)

• Self-Motivation that REALLY works

• Verbal Patterns and Masterful Communication

• The True Secrets of “how people really work” and how to use it

• Mastering Your Own Body Language

• Reading the Body Language of Others

• Popular Beliefs of NLP that don’t work! (what they are, and why! This one will piss off the “box thinkers” and “style loyalists” LOL)

• Masterful Strategies

… isn’t that AWESOME? And here’s more…

You can learn SPEED NLP in a single weekend!

Once you get the course, you can learn at your own pace, in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Just pop the discs in and watch and listen. I recommend you study privately so you’re not distracted. Plus, you may not want others to know the powerful skills you are learning.

Take notes on the “golden nuggets” that pop out at you, and then just let it download into your brain all the powerful knowledge – you may have many “LIGHTSWITCH MOMENTS” and probably feel more powerful and confident than you ever have before.

What’s also awesome is that after you fully absorb it over a day or two, you can always pop the discs in and “brush up” whenever you want.

This is the “Black Belt-level NLP Hacks” that puts you on the Fast-Track to Mastery – of self, and of others.

I want every wise Warrior to have this powerful set of skills.

That’s why (after first developing it in 2007), I’ve decided to make this available for you. When I shared it for the first time ever in March of last year for a limited period of just a few weeks, and all of the sets got snapped up lightning-fast!

The feedback was phenomenal, and since then hardly a day goes by that I don’t get an email from someone asking for Speed NLP because they missed out on it.

So I’ve decided to make it available for you.

If you’re at all interested, I recommend you order right now.

You’ll have immediate access and if you order the hard copy version also set with your name on it will be immediately ship out to you.

Worldwide Shipping is FREE, but you must order now to get this special offer and the secret FREE Bonus.

As always, I stand by this with a 100% money-back guarantee. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, order now and you are on your way.


Scott Bolan


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