Warrior Academy (Digital + Hard Copy)

Warrior Academy (Digital + Hard Copy)
The Most Valuable Skills From 4 Master Trainers: Scott Bolan, Mike Gillette, Muay Thai Champion Lisa "The Black Widow" King, UFC Cutman Adrian Rosenbusch. Amazing! Here's just "some" of the skills you'll learn How To Do: * RADIATE DANGER & REPEL ATTACKERS * MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP * RUN LIFE ON YOUR TERMS * INCREASE YOUR LEARNING – LIGHTNING FAST * THE SECRET OF LASER FOCUS * HOW TO ESCAPE CHOKES * GO FARTHER THAN ANYONE ELSE * BREATHING SECRETS OF ANCIENT MASTERS * EFFORTLESSLY END AN ARGUMENT * JOINT LOCKS FOR CONTROLLING OPPONENTS * “MENTAL DOMAIN” SECRETS * RE-WIRE YOUR BRAIN FOR SUCCESS and so much more, it would take 20 pages to outline it all! Amazing, life-changing material (Digital + Hard Copy, 14 DVDs, mp3 CD, $400 in Free Bonus)

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