Total Life Mastery Trainings are usually done on weekends (although weekdays can be scheduled when available), these are 3 programs for you to choose from:

1. Modern Day Ninja: With laser-sharp insight and the most practical methods, you will discover complete life mastery, your goals and life-map created and achieved like a lion tackles a gazelle. Become Ninja and live life in a whole new powerful way.

2. VIP Self-Defense: In just two days, Scott Bolan can show you how to effectively defend yourself and destroy a bigger, stronger attacker, no matter your size or skill level. All areas of complete combat are covered. Become Dangerous to attackers now!

3. Training and Coaching Instructorships: Many of Scott’s students are Martial Arts Teachers, and Life Coaches. Scott’s teaching and training methods are world-renowned and powerfully effective. If it is your wish to be a Martial Arts Instructor or Life Coach, Scott will guide you every step of the way.


When you sign up, be sure to fill out the small form at the bottom of the sign-up page to choose which Training package you want and briefly list your prior trainings.

Scott’s assistant will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your first private training.

Warrior Training: 2-Day Private Training with Scott Bolan $5,800.00

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