I’m going to be quick and right to the point:

We Are on the verge of History.And those who ride the wave of the future, profit BIG TIME.

Imagine if you had put just 2 grand into Uber or Amazon when they first started.

What would that be worth today?Whoa!

Well NOW, Crypto and Bitcoin are not just getting started, but they are now starting to TAKE OVER THE FUTURE OF MONEY.

The other day I went into a major chain Gas Station that was connected to a McDonald’s (same building, not even a doorway to separate them). On the gas station window there was a sticker that said “Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency Inside”


If it’s going THAT mainstream for the common guy at a gas station mini-mart/McDonald’s, it’s gonna be Fucking HUGE.

Pardon the cuss-words but we’re all grown up and this is Real Talk.

Another example: Goldman-Sachs just predicted that Etherium could hit $8,000 (and that’s on the low end, others are predicting as high as $13,000) by year end. Today it’s at around $4,400


So listen. We are not financial advisors. My wife Belinda is an empowerment coach, a female version of your favorite coach in the world – Scott Bolan ūüôā


Last year she said we need to get into the Crypto/Bitcoin world. So I handed her $40k. Within a year, she TRIPLED IT.


Just two days ago, our account went up $24k.

Look. I STILL don’t understand what Crypto and Bitcoin is or how it works. Fortunately I don’t need to, because SHE does lol.

So I asked her if she would teach us and share what she does to make it SIMPLE and EASY to understand.

She said Yes (she usually does this ONLY for her private coaching clients, at twice the price).


Want in?


It’s THIS Saturday at 2:00PM US Pacific Time. And YES YOU GET A COPY OF THE VIDEO RECORDING if you can’t make it, or if you just want both.


All the info you need is >> right here <<


And this webinar is NOT a sales pitch like most stupid webinars end up being.


It’s all “how-to” straight-up info where you can ask questions and get answers. I will be there too. This is your chance to be ahead of the curve, instead of behind it looking back and regretting.

Hop on down and reserve your spot > here < and I’ll see you Saturday at 2:00PM Pacific Time.

Yours in Warrior Wisdom,




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