Shadow Speed Skills super-course! (Digital Version)

Shadow Speed Skills super-course! (Digital Version)

All-New Program Gives You The Power of Secret SPEED LIVING! No More Being Left Behind, Breaking Even or Just Getting By, Now You Can Live in FULL POWER with LIFE DOMINANCE!

Leave Your Past and Stupid Friends in the Dust as You Quickly Get Rich, Ripped and Dangerous and Become a SEX and MONEY MAGNET with Secret Badass Skills You Can't Find Anywhere Else! 

SHADOW SPEED SKILLS Also Gives You The Secrets to CRUSH an Attacker Before They Can Blink, DISAPPEAR and RE-APPEAR (they can't hit what they can't see, a Confused Enemy is a Defeated Enemy), MELT FAT and Get Shredded (look great without a shirt on and BE STRONG) in just a few weeks (not months) with LESS EFFORT Have WOMEN COME TO YOU and Want To Know More About You and Please You, Command Respect Instantly Wherever You Go and In ANY Situation, MANIFEST and MULTIPLY Money and Live Like A Rock Star Warrior!

YES, I Mean It. Here's Proof:

Listen up.

If you're one of the militant mediocre, a lemming, a sheep, a snowflake, a criminal, insane, or a pervert, you are forbidden to have this material and must read no further.

If you swallow everything the Mainstream Media and "fact-checkers" tell you and like to have your thinking done "for" you, this is not for you.

However, if you are an awakened individual who knows you have untapped power and you're ready to take your life to the next level, reach the true potential and dreams that you've imagined, live better than ever, get what you want and control circumstances and radiate magnetic influence, be dangerous to all who would harm you, and get the "real" inside scoop on how it really is, THIS IS FOR YOU.

You are about to be invited to the "inside world" of one of the most magical and dynamic men on the planet, Scott Bolan.

Who The Hell Is Scott Bolan?

The fact that you're reading this right now means you've heard of Scott Bolan, knows as the Ultimate Empowerment Coach and the Modern Day Ninja.

But just in case you haven't, here's a quick refresher:

Scott Bolan went from a broken home and poverty to riches and worldwide fame and acclaim as a self-made man. After earning multiple Black Belts and Professional Certifications in the Mental Arena (NLP, Hypnosis, etc), Scott's years of study, research and real-world experience led him to revolutionize the Martial Arts and Men's Self-Help and Empowerment worlds, literally turning the industry on it's ear and creating his own niche, breaking sales records and seminar attendance with glowing feedback from countless students around the world whose lives were transformed and goals achieved through his powerful and dynamic teachings, and gaining the respect of world-renowned colleagues and authorities and even the jealousy of a few big gurus with big bellies and even bigger egos. Scott reaches thousands of people each year and the feedback constantly pours in with a consistent theme:


Look. The bottom line is this: no one can take you where they have not been. A fat person can't show you how to get fit, a broke joke can't show you how to get rich, a strip-mall Black Belt will only show you how to get your ass kicked in a street fight, and a YouTube overnight wannabe armchair guru can't show you shit, no matter how big a following he has! (fame and following does NOT equal quality or "real")

Scott has done it in the real world FIRST, before he taught it. Everything Scott teaches he has studies, researched, and then actually done it in the real world first to make sure it f-cking works before he teaches it to you.

That's how you KNOW.

There is no other way.

And most of those fat (or pencil-skinny) gurus out there are pushing what they read, thought up or were taught, but haven't actually done it in the REAL world!

THAT is the difference right there my friend, and it's all the proof you need.

Do they HAVE it? Have they DONE it? Does it WORK?

Scott has done it all, and distilled it all down to the hardcore essence of Warrior Skills that work in today's world!

He teaches in a way that brings it down to dynamic simplicity: where the rubber meets the road real-world eye-opening how-to that gets results FAST. No "pie-in-the-sky" or esoteric mumbo-jumbo.

Everything he teaches makes sense and has the "light-switch" effect. It has a reason, a purpose, a plan and a tangible outcome. You can use it to get what you want and live the way you want, as so many of our students and clients around the world have. Yes, you can too. And you can do it QUICKLY, and I really do mean that.

Scott has always believed that you should give someone something they can use instantly, not just "think about" or "wonder" for 3 years. That's why at his seminars, every student without exception steps up and gives a raving testimonial, many of them saying they learned more with Scott Bolan in a single weekend than they have in YEARS with other teachers.

It's About Speed. Here's The Secret!...

Let's talk about SPEED and why it's vitally important to your success in ANYTHING YOU DO.

Let's take Money. If you earn a dollar an hour, you're a broke joke. In an 8-hour day you will earn 8 dollars, well below the poverty level.

But let's say you make a dollar a minute. That's 60 dollars an hour. That's 480 dollars a day. Is that better? Yes, that's a great start.

But now let's get you to where you're making a dollar a second. That's 60 dollars a minute. That means in one hour you're making 360 dollars. That's 2,880 dollars in an 8-hour day. Better yet? Hell, yeah!

And we're just getting warmed up. There are ways to multiply your money while you sleep, Scott has done it many times and he will show you how in the "Secret Conversations" in the new Shadow Speed Skills course!

More on SPEED: Ever hold youself back and not "make a confident move"? You look back now and realize she would have gone for it, she liked you, she was as curious and interested as you were, but you held yourself back and now you know..

"Damn, It Could Have Totally Happened!"

Brother I never want you to have to say those words again. Instead, I want you to look back and say, "Ooh yeah that was awesome! So glad I went for it and made a move!"

Life is made of memories, and with what you learn in the new Shadow Speed Skills course, you will quickly create a new reality and lifestyle that will give you lasting memories you can be proud of.

When you live the Shadow Speed Life, you live more

in a single year or even a month than most men do

in a lifetime!

Listen. Have you ever heard "He Who Hesitates Is Lost"?

Of course you have. There's a reason that timeless oldie but goodie is still out there and in our minds: Because it's TRUE.

Money Loves Speed. The faster you are at manifesting money, at making the right decisions, and multiplying and attracting money, the faster you get it and the more you have!

Sex and Love Love Speed. Yep. The early bird gets the prize. You don't need to be rich or handsome to attract beautiful women (at least not the REAL ones, which are the only kind worth having), but you do need these two things:

Confidence and Rapport

Rapport is likeable, smooth communication. Confidence is absolute certainty and fun.

When you have Confidence and Rapport, you don't DOUBT, you DON'T WASTE TIME, and you don't fidget and sit on your hands. You are Bold, Confidence, Assertive and Fun, and Women LOVE that and are Attracted to that. So are OPPORTUNITIES. This is what "Speed" is all about. You move forward quickly and you are ahead of the game!

Whether it's a Street Self Defense, Mental Mastery, Attraction and Career Opportunities, or the

The Ability To Change Habits, Feelings, Relationships and Results Instantly

It all comes down to SPEED - doing it quickly, confidently and with almost zero effort! Remember this: the less energy you use to get the result you want, the more powerful you become. Write that down!

It's about being ahead of the game in all situations. If a dollar saved is a dollar earned, then time saved means a longer, better and more powerful life. Speed is the name of the game! And now you have the opportunity to learn the secrets of Speed Living.

Now, let's talk about the SHADOW portion. The Ninja were known as "Shadow Warriors" - you couldn't see them, they blended in anywhere, and popped out and destroyed their opponents with blinding speed and disappeared again!

Scott's teachings include authentic and modern Ninjutsu, and he often speaks of "Getsumei No Michi" - the Moonlit Path. It is the way of the Invisble Warrior. The modern day ninja that is hiding in plain sight. These are the real secrets of Mastery and you will get them personally from a modern-day master (and a few of his elite guests) in the new Shadow Speed Skills recordings! The SHADOW aspect is that these Speed Skills are invisible to common folk, sheep and peasanty (non-warriors).

This is not an insult to non-warriors, but just a statement of fact. Most people are NOT Warrior-Minded. This material is not for them, and they wouldn't even understand it or believe such things are possible.

These are the same types of people who heckled Noah for building an Ark, told the Wright Brothers a machine that humans could fly in (called the Airplane) is impossible and a waste of time. These are the types of people who put Christ, Socrates and Galileo and those who thought in newer, better ways, to death. They are the doubters, the passive, and the "mob".

They are the Militant Mediocre and You are Not one of them! I know that by the fact that you are reading this now. Welcome, Fellow Warrior!

Look, here's the bottom line. I'm going to show you what's IN the new 10-dvd super-course that comes with a huge easy-study manual also! Then you can decide for your self. These are the actual tracks in the course (the final order may vary after production, but all of these skills are in there!) Imagine if just ONE of them worked for you - it would be worth it at 10 times the prices! Here you are ...

Shadow Speed Skills

DVD 1:

 • The Shadow Warrior Victory Code (5 step process unlocks victory!)

 • Speed Mind Fortress: The Diamond Mind and the Laser (the mind always ready, powerful, strong ,at peace, joyful and confident)

 • Speed Mind Piercer: Read Anyone, Influence Anyone Irresistibly

 • How To Change Your Past and See Into The Future

 • Government Control, Social Engineering Mob Rule and Forced Vaccinations

 • Speed Ninja: Surviving and Thriving and Living By Your Own Rules


DVD 2:

 • Speed Demon: The 4 Step Process To EXTERMINATE your Inner Demons and be rid of them forever!

 • Shadow Secret: Warrior Spirituality and Immortality

 • Speed Body: Purifying The Temple for Power, Performance and Longevity

 • Speed Fitness: Get Fighting Fist FAST, with less effort!


DVD 3:

 • Speed FIGHTING: "Shadow" Tactics for DESTROYING Attackers with Blinding Speed, and How To Fight in the "Blind Spot" (they cannot hit or defend against what they cannot see)

 • Speed CONFUSION: How to Confuse your opponent - a confused opponent is a DEAD or Defeated opponent! - for street battle, for office battle, for ANY competition in life! Think "Sun Tzu 2021" and "Musashi 2021"!


DVD 4:

 • Speed MONEY: The "Money-Manifesting Secret" paradigm shift that can change your game forever!

 • Shadow Millionaire: Scott's secret special guest and close friend shares multi-million dollar empire-building secrets "from home" without using a dime of your own money!

 • Speed Money While You Sleep: badass money multipliers! (stop struggling, become the center of the wheel - least effort causes the most action)


DVD 5:

 • Speed Money Multiplier: Scott's friend and self-made badass marketing millionaire "the thug of the internet give! you a goldmine of super secrets for wealth multiplication! (the only true way money is made)


DVD 6:

 • Speed Success: Scott and his good friend the GOATman (Greatest of all time!) show you rags-to-riches start-in-one-weekend success secrets that you'll love whether you're a day laborer or a multi-millionaire already, YOU WILL FIND GOLD HERE!


DVD 7:

 • Speed HEALTH: Secret conversations with the man who beat cancer, a combat vet who dodged an early death and became a world-renowned health advocate, and more!


DVD 8:

 • Speed SEX: Sex itself shouldn't be "fast" but should be long and blissful for both people! However, "getting there" shouldn't take countless dates and wasted time and money - here's how to get, and keep, the real thing, the best thing, and find a SMOKING HOT HOTTIE that WANTS YOU. Includes the Speed how-to for Masterful communication, texting, and attraction anchoring that get real results!

 • Speed RELATIONSHIP: Scott knew his wife only 2 weeks before proposing, they've been on a 25-year honeymoon that only gets better year after year! Here are the actual Secrets, Foundations and Cornerstones that make it work and keep on working while keeping it FUN and Awesome. This is no "Sunday School" stuff here, this is real-world how-to. Whether you're looking for just fun, or a commited relationship that lasts, this is stuff you need to know (that no one else is teaching out there!)


DVD 9 & 10: Speed Life: The Basement Tapes and Fireside Conversations Imagine sitting by the fireside with Scott Bolan as your personal friend and mentor, answering your questions and sharing his personal life mastery secrets. Just one conversation with this man can change your life! Now you get two full hours of amazing mind-blowing transformation empowerment and wisdom from Scott's very own personal experiences and insights.

Scott teaches the most powerful skills on the planet in his courses, but this is Nuclear Rocket Fuel teachings in an informal personal setting with secrets he has never shared before! I can't list them all here because they are entirely Confidential, but here Scott gives just a few highlights of the knowledge you get in the secrets he shares with you:

 • How I was broke, shy and not great looking, and got with a Supermodel in the same night - more than once and yes for REAL - I even name names!

 • The "smile and wave" secret I stumbled into by accident driving down the Pacific Hwy - we pulled over and she got in the car with me - WOW! If I die today I know I have lived a life other men only dream of lol. The cool thing is ANYONE can do this if they know the secret - so I share it with you

 • Speed ATTRACTION and INFLUENCE: Early on and to this day, but more importantly BEFORE the fame and success, I would walk into a room and command respect without even trying - every chick would want to know more about me and every guy would want to BE me. HERE IS HOW. And by the way, this is not ego at all. I was just as blown away by it as you would be! I discovered it wasn't just "me", it was an "energy" I was channeling and didn't even know it. Once I discovered it, I could tap into it at will. I show you how so you can do the same thing!

 • Speed FAME: How I became a leader in my industry, almost over night! These secrets can up your game in any area of life!

 • Speed GAME: The night that turned my life around and began a music industry career that brought me money, attraction, world travel and dreams come true! AND how I transitioned it into what I'm doing now and how you can use these Speed Skills for Speed Success anywhere! - again, I name names!

 • Speed HEALING: Mind-blowing secrets I used to heal from near death, how I got stronger and faster as I got older! (yes), and how I used the "Healing Key" to help others - these insights and wisdom are life-changing and paradigm-shifting. Get ready for a whole new reality!

 • Speed PHILOSOPHY: THE MODERN DAY NINJA METHOD that Clears Away All Confusion and Gives You The Answers from the HIDDEN REALMS (You get the same method used by Sun Tzu, Miyamoto Musashi, Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Takuan Soho, Hattori Hanzo, Kato Danzo, Bohidharma, and Bruce Lee!!!)

 •  Speed SKILL: Master Martial Arts in record time - days or weeks, not months or years! Master Key: it's not about how much time you put in, it's about ABILITY - what you can DO. Learn the speed secrets of street fighters and master martial artists in this video.

 • Speed FORCE: There is a real and genuine "Force" that works just like the "The Force" in Star Wars. You will be given the exact tools to use it at will and live a life of power, strength and joy. This alone will change your game. You will want to take notes on this one!

... and more!

Well there you have it fellow warrior. Everything you get in the all-new Shadow Speed Skills home study course with all-new teachings for 2021 and beyond!

I promise you, this will be one of the best moves you make for yourself. Scott put it all on the line here and shared personal secrets I have seen in action, but never thought he would share in a million years! And here you get it all!

You know we love to reward action takers, so I'm going to make this super-easy. Scott's courses always retail high, around 600 to 800 bucks easily. We're not making entertainment DVDs that sit on the shelf at Walmart for 20 bucks. This is HIGHLY valuable and confidential information you can't get anywhere else. Scott has invested untold thousands of dollars and years of his life to make these discoveries and get these teachings to you.

And because we love to reward action-takes, when you order you get a Free Bonus worth $550 - Scott's Confidential Report that will never be sold. The title speaks for itself and tells you everything you need to know:



Don't fool around and miss out, it's time for you to get Shadow Speed Skills and live the Speed Life!

Order Now!


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