Ultimate Jeet Kune Do (Digital + Hard Copy)

Ultimate Jeet Kune Do (Digital + Hard Copy)
ULTIMATE JEET KUNE DO The Fighting Art of The Dragon! Martial Arts Hall-Of-Famer and Lifelong JKD Instructor Scott Bolan (Who Was Trained By One of Bruce Lee's Original Students, Dan Lee) Gives You The Exact Philosophy, Techniques and Principles That Bruce Lee Taught! You Get It ALL In An Organized New Program That Makes It SUPER-EASY To Learn You Will Discover The Most Powerful Self-Cultivation and Martial Arts Mastery. You'll Learn Laser-Focus, Lethal Precision, Dynamic Confidence, Lightning-FAST STRIKING, Power-House Kicking, and Rapid-Fire Martial Arts "Chess Moves" that Leave Your Attacker STUNNED, on the Ground, or Knocked Out COLD! (Digital + Hard Copy, 4 DVDs, mp3 Audio CD + Manual with Free Bonuses) $295 Retail

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