A pioneer in martial arts and personal development, Scott Bolan is an acclaimed author, trainer and peak performance coach.

Through his seminars, books, articles, and audio and video teachings, Scott Bolan reaches thousands of people each year. Known for his powerful insights and dynamic teaching, his ability to impart warrior wisdom and elite skills is unsurpassed.

From humble beginnings to worldwide success, Scott Bolan’s journey as a warrior began at the age of 8 when he first walked into a traditional martial arts dojo. This led to a lifelong fascination with not only the physical rewards of such training, but the mental rewards as well.

Scott says: “By the age of 13, I had been to Mexico on missionary trips over 30 times. My dad was Air Force and my grandfather was a chief detective, so I got a practical and no-nonsense view of things at a very young age.

“I started taking Karate when I was 8 from a very serious and “old-school” instructor. This was not a strip-mall McDojo, but a wooden-floor old building with no fancy lights or music. Training was 3 hours a night and it was very hard.”

Receiving his first Black Belt in Shito-Ryu Karate, Scott went on to achieve multiple Black Belts in other arts including Atemi Ju-Jitsu and Kenpo Karate, eventually training with the “who’s-who” of the Martial Arts world and earning Advanced Instructor Degrees in Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s Fighting Art) and Close Quarters Combat (CQC).

Scott received his Law Enforcement Continuum (JKD) Training certification at the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in San Diego, CA, and was certified as an Advanced Close Quarters Combat Instructor at the National Law Enforcement Institute (NLSI).

Scott is one of only a rare few Americans to be hand-trained and certified Black Belt by legendary combatives trainer Ben Mangels, head Martial Arts Instructor to the South African Military.

Scott Bolan is the United States Ambassador for the OCFM (Open Circle Fighting Method), the organiztion founded by worldwide Pressure Points authority Russell Stutely. Scott is also a long-term active member of the International Society of Close Quarters Combatants (ISCQC), working closely with ISCQC President and Survival authority Jeff Anderson on many special projects.

In addition to his Martial Arts training, Scott Bolan studied mental training and personal development with equal passion and holds numerous certifications in multiple fields including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy.

With his dynamically successful Martial Mastery and Mental Warfare Secrets programs, Scott single-handedly transformed the Martial Arts, Mind Training and Personal Development worlds by bridging the gap between them with practical “how-to” and effective applications that can get amazing results.

For years, his teachings have inspired and empowered thousands of people around the world. Scott has become the go-to guy for those on the warrior’s path who want essential skills and peak performance results.

Scott Bolan has worked closely with Air Force Major (Ret.) and double PhD Dr. Yates J. Canipe for many years, teaching bestselling workshops and trainings, assisting individuals, professionals, athletes and families. They are in high demand from thousands of fans, friends, and students all over the world.

Celebrated as a favorite guest of many talk-radio shows, Scott Bolan has been featured in more than we are presently able to count.

In addition to authoring numerous audio and video courses and manuals, Scott Bolan has written articles for several magazines including Black Belt Magazine, Black Belt Daily, Self Growth, and Modern Combat and Survival Magazine.

In 2010, Scott Bolan teamed up with long-time friend Mike Gillette (tactical legend, VIP bodyguard, professional strong man, and author of the training manual for the TSA and DHS) to develop a program which became the subject of several Black Belt interviews, articles, and top 10 popular videos from 2010 to 2012.

Dubbed “The Martial Power Team” by Black Belt Magazine, Scott Bolan and Mike Gillette presented the amazing Martial Power Summit in 2011 to rave reviews, showing people how to access their inner warriors to break through barriers and achieve their goals – including breaking boards and bending steel bars!

In 2012 Scott Bolan teamed up with Russell Stutely (The #1 worldwide Pressure Points Authority, World Martial Arts and Combat Hall-of-Famer) for the internationally acclaimed Destroy Your Attacker.

Scott and Russell continued their successful partnership with Prime Fighting Secrets, The Secret Sessions (also including Karate legends Rick Moneymaker and Tom Muncy), and numerous special projects to help students and teachers improve their Martial Arts success on all levels.

In 2013 the dynamic team of Scott and Russell teamed up with Self-Defense Training authority Damian Ross for the bestselling Superior Fighting Secrets. Later that same year, Scott Bolan and Russell Stutely presented the first annual Combatives Summit in Las Vegas, which garnered rave reviews and was attended by law enforcement, military, and martial artists from nearly every continent.

Scott Bolan continues to develop cutting-edge dynamic products and offers private coaching, consulting, training, and seminars.

His training and products are in high demand from those on the warrior’s path including martial artists, athletes, teachers, instructors, professionals, families, and individuals seeking essential warrior skills.

Some of Scott’s other popular titles include:

  • Street Fighter Crash-Course
  • Devastating Fighting Secrets
  • Knife Fighting Secrets of the Masters
  • Ultimate Knife Fighting Handbook
  • Unstoppable Confidence
  • Conquering Fear
  • Preparing The Mind For Battle
  • Jump-Start!
  • 27 Mastery Keys
  • Complete Combat
  • How To Tell If Someone Is Lying
  • Recognizing The Enemy
  • Speed Summit
  • Warrior Energetics
  • Ninja Power Secrets (The Ninpo 9 Kuji-In)
  • Ancient Wisdom, Modern Application
  • Total Life Mastery
  • Victory Forum
  • Attacker Destruction Workshop
  • Warrior Meditation
  • Black Belt Mind Skills
  • Mind Hacks: The Ninja Mentality Training Manual
  • Essential Combatives (Scott Bolan & Russell Stutely)
  • Violent Knowledge (Scott Bolan & Russell Stutely)
  • Martial Power Secrets (Scott Bolan & Mike Gillette)
  • Life-or-Death: Knife & Handgun Disarms
  • How To Defend Your Family
  • Shinobi Warrior Skills
  • Primal Fighting (Scott Bolan & Rusell Stutely)
  • Alpha Strength

On May 23rd, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA, Scott Bolan was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Hall of Heroes”

With an amazing career that has inspired and empowered countless thousands of students, friends, and colleagues, and earned him the envy and ire of a few jealous former peers and instructors, Scott Bolan continues to blaze a trail ahead of the pack with groundbreaking teachings and trainings!