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Get the answers you need. Get a custom path to Mastering your entire life as a Total Warrior. Warrior Private Coaching is custom-tailored to your needs. You will learn how to conquer fear, build your personal empire and have the life you’ve always wanted. From peak performance to relationship mastery to solving complex problems, Scott personally shows you how.


Total Life Warrior Trainings are your opportunity to be personally trained by Scott Bolan. These two-day private training programs are specifically designed for you to achieve your goals effectively, efficiently, and quickly. Total Life Warrior Training programs include:

• Modern Day Ninja
• VIP Self-Defense
• Training and Coaching Instructorships



World-renowned Combatives and Mind Mastery Trainer, Author and Peak Performance Coach.

Scott holds Multiple Black Belts and Advanced Certifications, and is a USA Martial Arts Hall-of-Famer under 3 designations. With his dynamic teaching methods and Worldwide Bestselling training programs, Scott Bolan Revolutionized the Martial Arts, Mind Mastery and Personal Empowerment worlds by bridging the gap between them with practical “how-to” and powerful applications that get amazing results.