Warrior Mentoring Private Mastery Coaching

With his laser-sharp intuition and dynamic teaching methods, Scott Bolan will mentor you on the Warrior’s Path specific to your goals.

You get to have a private talk with Scott via Skype or phone for two hours each week for 6 weeks. It’s like having him in the room with you, answering your questions and coaching you with the info you need at a pace you can assimilate.

Scott will give you assignments and follow-up for each coaching call. This keeps you on track so you can finally get where you want to go!

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The Scott Bolan Marketing Package

Do you have information you want to share with the world? Want to know how to do what I do? I’ll share all of my secrets of success with you!

We literally do it for you and get you launched! You get Your DVD filmed and produced so it’s ready for the market; A custom web page design for your product; and Scott Bolan will write your original ad copy!

Plus, Scott will also give you a 2-hour marketing coaching and share with you all of his tips and secrets of the info-product industry from years of experience and success!

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Complete Combat Black Belt Instructorship

Now You Can Discover the most DEVASTATING and EFFECTIVE Self- Defense Skills. NEVER WALK IN FEAR AGAIN!

Complete Combat is true "Warrior Art" that is based on Martial Science. It covers every fighting range – Hand-to-Hand, Kicking, Grappling, Hand-to: Knife, Stick, Gun, Multiple Attackers, and the Killer Instinct. If your system doesn’t cover every one of these, it’s not complete!

This is not a diploma mill. You will earn your Black Belt, and learn how to teach others! Using modern technology, you will study the entire system step-by-step via video, and then demonstrate your learning of each section over Skype with Scott. Once you have completed the entire program successfully you will be issued your Black Belt Certificate – in person with Scott if you wish!

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The 2010 Ultimate Pack!

All of Scott Bolan’s elite products from 2006 to 2010

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Killer Martial Arts!
• Knife Fighting Secrets of The Masters 4-DVD course
• Knife Fighting Handbook • Devastating Fighting Secrets DVD
• Defending Home & Family DVD • Everything is a Weapon Report
• Conquering Fear CD • Preparing the Mind for Battle CD

Warrior’s Mind-Secrets!
• The Original Mental Warfare Secrets course Unstoppable
Confidence CD • How to Tell if Someone is Lying DVD
• Warrior Philosophy of Ending Depression • Recognizing the Enemy
course • Recognizing the Enemy Handbook • Maximum Warrior

The Law of Attraction!
• Dynamic Attraction Course
• Blacklisted Seduction Secrets DVD
• 47 Mastery Keys to Get Everything You Want DVD
• Secrets of Time Distortion DVD

Money-Making Secrets!
• Create Your Own Info-Product Course
• Info-Product Handbook
• Confidential "JumpStart" CD
• How To Make 500.00 a day teaching Martial Arts CD


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