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A pioneer in the fields of Martial Arts, Mind Mastery, and Personal Development, Scott Bolan is likened to a modern day Bruce Lee for the brain. In other words, Scott will tell you how it really is and show you how to get what you want.

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You Are The Only Teacher I Have Known That Stands By Your Word!

Thanks for the Martial Mastery dvd’s, they are awesome! I really appreciate your extra effort. You really do care about your students, so uncommon these days. I have literally spent around 100K on consulting and management firms over the last three years and you are the only teacher that I have known of that stands by your word, gives your students the real “skinny” on whatever you are sharing, and knocks us out with your thoroughness. I just want you to know that and I don’t give out compliments easily, in fact I have been known to be a little intense at times. Guess that is the way God made me. I hate bulls–t. You deliver my man! You have a student and referral source for life.

- Jeff King (Illinois)
What every combative program needs for the real world!.

Your products have got to be the best on the market today because you believe in dealing with the most important “muscle” and weapon on the planet: THE BRAIN !!! This is, without a doubt, what every combative program or system needs for the real world. I know because I’m a multiple black belt holder with over 39 years of experience in the martial arts. This includes real-life street combat experience and elite U.S. Army unit training and combat experience in Central America. However, I’m constantly striving to learn more and apply myself. Thanks for the pertinent information you provide!

- S. Moore
Now HERE'S a guy who "gets it" ... I've been following Scott for some time now and I gotta tell you, he's actually RIDICULED by his peers for his "in your face" style. No kidding! I've talked to other martial arts instructors who don't think he's their "equal". And most of them are right... because he BLOWS THEM OUT OF THE WATER with his perspective BEYOND just hand-to-hand combat!

- Jeff Anderson "The Muscle Nerd"