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Dear Friend,

With his Martial Mastery and Mental Warfare Secrets programs, Scott Bolan single-handedly REVOLUTIONIZED the Martial Arts, Mind Training and Personal Development worlds.

By bridging the gap between them with practical “how-to”, Scott revealed the effective modern-day applications of the Ancient Warrior Secrets of the Samurai, Ninja, Shinobi, Grandmasters and Other Warriors for DOMINATING LIFE.

Now, for the first time since 2010, Scott has decided to give an elite group of people Full Mastery Membership in a guided one-year monthly “Personal Mastery Program”, and YOU are invited to join!

This is your year, your time, and your opportunity to BECOME ALPHA in every area of your life.

Did I say “ALPHA”?

You’re damn right I did.

Forget the Political BS and Media Hypnosis and their agenda.

What “ALPHA” really means is “head of the pack.”

It means you LEAD instead of being led or struggling.

It means you are RESPECTED instead of ignored or disregarded.

It means you are STRONG in all areas instead of WEAK.

It means you are CONFIDENT, instead of AFRAID.

It means YOU CHOOSE your Destiny, instead of having it chosen FOR you like a rat in a maze.

It means you are INFLUENTIAL and RADIATE MAGNETIC POWER, instead of ineffective and timid.

It means you Repel Attackers instead of attracting them (just like dogs, criminals smell Fear and they also smell Power), and if they attack you, YOU DESTROY THEM.

It Means YOU DOMINATE Instead of Being Dominated by Life!

If that offends you or frightens you, read no further.

Not everyone is comfortable with Power, Strength, and Knowing the True Secrets of Life Mastery.

Not everyone is comfortable with Unlimited Potential and accessing their Native Inner Power.

They feel much safer being a part of the flock and told what to do by society and leading a cookiecutter life.

If that’s you, we wish you all the best.

Enjoy life in a dark cave of Fear, Cynicism, Militant Mediocrity and Emasculation while you sip a Latte and follow pop-culture in Sheeple lockstep (bahhhh bahhhh)

But if you’re the type of person who believes it is your right to be a person of power, who wants to live a life of Victory, and you know a good thing when you see it, then this is FOR YOU.

As soon as you join Scott’s all-new Mastery Membership, we’ll rush you your INSTANT POWER: MASTERY MEMBERSHIP STARTER PACK and FREE Bonuses!

And then, you can sit back knowing you are one of an elite group of people who have “The Warrior’s Winning Edge” as your Mastery Membership begins!

Each month, you’ll receive and exclusive disc – a hard copy mailed to your door and an immediate download for your favorite device (phone, laptop, etc) – of elite information that is never available to the public.

This Gives You a HUGE Advantage Over the Rest of the Population!

That’s why in order to join you must promise not to take unfair advantage of others with the skills you learn and to only use them for noble purposes.

Each month’s disc gives you cutting-edge “how-to” secrets for each of THE 4 PILLARS OF POWER:

1. MENTAL WARFARE AuMASTERY Discover the Secret of The Alpha Mind and The Warrior Spirit. Combined, you can walk in a wellspring of greatness and confidence, and manifest an overflow of abundance, peace, laser-sharp INTUITION and Strategic Dominance.

2. COMBATIVES MASTERY As a renowned Martial Arts visionary, Scott is well-known for teaching the most effective methods of stopping Bigger, Stronger Attackers with BRUTAL Efficiency.

As an elite Mastery Member, you will get his CONFIDENTIAL Fighting Secrets that are not shared with the public or taught at seminars, including the “any weapon” secret, the Zanshin-Ha-Konbatto method of complete fight dominance, and Concealed and Makeshift Weapons for Ultimate Personal Defense

3. STRENGTH MASTERY The Iron Body and Alpha Strength Secrets are now yours. You’ll learn how to get strong and BE Strong and look and feel great.

When we think of the word “Anabolics” we usually think of steroids, but the actual meaning is “to build up.” Itʼs opposite is “Catabolic”, which means “to break down”. You could put it this way: ANABOLIC LIVING MEANS  STRONG LIVING. Catabolic living means WEAK LIVING.

Who in their right mind would ever CHOOSE Weakness?

Sadly, MOST of the Population (theyʼre called Sheeple), often by design, but usually by default (they choose unknowingly).

Scott will show you how to avoid the “sheeple weakness traps” (that are intentionally set by certain powers that be) and Get Strong and Live Strong, with a battle-ready body that looks and feels great.

Nothing is more fulfilling than taking control of your own vessel: YOUR Body! And the more powerful and strong you are, the better you can do in ANY area of life!

4. PERSUASION & INFLUENCE MASTERY Almost everything you want in life, you will be getting from other people. That’s why the ability to communicate effectively and persuade powerfully is a vital life skill.

Most people donʼt realize this (knowing it puts you ahead of the pack) – Persuasion is NOT something you do “to” someone, itʼs something you do “with” someone. Thatʼs why Integrity is vital to your success. This isnʼt a Sunday school lesson, itʼs simply a statement of fact.

Listen. Persuasion and Influence Results are first achieved internally – with you first.

Scott will show you personal congruency, energetic influence, lasting and genuine confidence, body language, and verbal skills for irresistible persuasion and influence – so you can get what you want, and Become a Positive Force for Good everywhere you go!

And speaking of Influence, let’s talk about Relationships.

Bruce Lee said “Truth is in Relationship.” He wasnʼt just talking about fighting and sparring. Your relationship first with yourself, then with others around you – your significant other, family, relatives, friends, coworkers, society – can be PERFECT.

Yes, perfect. I said it. I meant it. And Iʼll prove it to you when Scott shows you how with these core fundamentals from the ancient masters with modern insight and Easy application.

As a Mastery Member, You Get “The Master Keys” of  Personal Empowerment, Influence, Prosperity, Tactical Mastery and DEADLY Skills of the Elite and Vagabond Warriors, delivered right to your door (and for instant download) every month to keep you on track all year long! You can’t lose!

Just imagine what you can DO with Skills like...

• How To Distort Time

• The Samurai Secret to Destroying FEAR (a simple method to destroy fear instantly!)

• How To Live in Absolute FREEDOM

• Ninja Secrets of Mental and Physical Endurance

• Warrior Energetics (Ninpo)

• 7 Secret Katas that MULTIPLY Devastation Ability

• How To Read The Intentions of Others

• Money Magnetism and Manifestation

• 3 Cutting-Edge Mind Control Secrets (NEW discovery!)

• Methods of Personal Transformation that actually work!

• Real-World Goal-Getting (the Warrior Way)

• How To Remain in “The Warrior Mind” so You are CONFIDENT and Effective in all situations

• Moving Meditation: be at peace even in combat!

… and how to Do The Impossible (what appears to others as “MAGIC”)

Iʼd give you more detail but…

This Material is CONFIDENTIAL

What I CAN tell you is – it’s as AWESOME as you can imagine! My friend, I have given you as much information as I am allowed.

This might be the most empowering experience of your life, so step on to your path of personal mastery with Scott Bolan as your personal coach, right now!


Yes, this is ONLY for Warriors – those who are not passive about getting more out of life, and who are willing to acquire the knowledge to do so (knowledge that is not available to the masses).

Scott found the secrets to success by taking the wisdom, strategy, and tactics of the EldersSamurai, Ninja, Sadhu and other Ancient Warriors of the past and combining them with the cutting-edge Modern Masters knowledge into a vast body of strategy and tactics he has been sharing for years and empowering thousands of folks just like you.

Now is your chance to become a Scott Bolan Mastery Member and get these elite skills for your self!

Mastery Membership will be priced at 997.00 in 2015, but I talked Scott into giving you a 500.00 discount!

If you order by Feb. 2nd you get the whole year of Mastery Membership for only 497.00

That’s OVER HALF-OFF!!! PLUS, You Get These FREE Bonuses…

1) LIFE MASTERY HACKS: THE INSTANT POWER STARTER PACK Scott’s all-new never-before released CDs will put you on the Fast-Track for Mastery with Ultimate Motivation, Power, and Prosperity Secrets that are so kick-ass they could be considered a Hacker’s “Cheat-Sheet” for Living Life Like a Warrior King!! (200.00)Jan

2) MEMBERS-ONLY ELITE ONLINE ACCESS! This password-protected private area of the website has Mastery-Members-Only videos, audios, articles, downloads, reports, and more! (1200.00)

3) 4 COACHING CONFERENCE CALLS Throughout the year get your questions answered directly by Scott Bolan, and special guest elite trainers! (400.00)

PLUS, the first 32 people to Order Now get the


(or DVDs of the Seminar is you are unable to attend)

Warrior Hypnosis is an advanced form of Hypnosis developed by Scott Bolan over decades of research and training.

The original Mental Warfare Secrets (the worldwide bestseller) was based on Warrior Hypnosis. Scott only taught this to his select Black Belt students and coaching clients in the early 2000’s, and has kept it under lock since then for his own use and further development.

Finally, Scott has decided to give a one-time-only training and certification in Warrior Hypnosis August 29-30, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. Due to space limitations, admission is limited. Admission will be 595.00, but the first 32 people to join Mastery Membership get in FREE!

News-Flash Jan.30th!
Scott just added another 1,000 bucks in FREE BONUSES!!

1. The Warrior Money Getting home study course DVD downloads (normally 795.00)

2. The all-new ATTRACTION ENERGETICS home study course (normally 295.00)

(or DVDs of the Seminar is you are unable to attend)


Now that’s over over 3300 bucks in FREE BONUSES!  That’s a Killer Deal you can’t find anywhere else!

All I’m asking is that you step on the Warrior’s path and give this a try. You may find yourself feeling stronger, younger, more Dangerous and more aware than you every have before.

Is that fair enough?

Alright then.

Scott and I welcome you on board, and we look forward to meeting you at the Free seminar in August!


PS – In addition to the above, hereʼs just “some” of what youʼll learn!…

• NASTY Fight-Finishers: How to take out a violent street-criminal in one strike

• How to Have COURAGE and win the Battle for the Mind and Soul

• Drop anyone’s“psychic shield” with a single glance!

• Help friends solve problems with the The 4 Universal Warrior Master Keys

• How to Stop Energy Vampires, Manipulators and Deceivers (you know who I’m talking about!)

• The energy technique that Inspires LOVE instantly

• Ancient Warrior Methods to Increase Your Life Force to Live Longer, Stronger and Happier

• The one “Sheeple-Trap” you MUST avoid in order to become a modern master-warrior

• The amazing Iron Mind drill that ensures you’ll consistently hold your highest personal power and motivation even in the face of crippling social and mental pressure — instantly eliminating ugly lapses in self-confidence and periods of self-doubt. No more fear, embarrassment, or defeat

• How to magnetically attract QUALITY people into your life! (low-quality people will destroy your life)

• Read people like an open book and guide them Hypnotically (if you lack honor, this will not be effective)

• The amazing “Body Torque” Secret that transfers every ounce of your body’s natural power through your attack and into your attacker for pure destructive power – amplifies your natural speed and power

• INSTANT RAPPORT: How to get Anyone to Like you (even if they hate you!)

• 3 Ways to End Stress & Attract Money the Warrior Way (the king of the jungle does not get stressed out)

• Hypnotic Language Patterns and Phrases that have them eating out of your hand

• The JKD Secret – the Broken Rhythm Method for Attraction, Influence, and Manifesting

• How to crush your enemyʼs spirit, so that you donʼt have to kill or hurt him! (heʼll flee from you)

PPS Forget what “THEY” say! If you live for the approval of others, you’ll be a slave and no one will respect you. If you live for a life of strength, power, wisdom, and growth, even your enemies will respect you.

PPPS You know what Scott told me? Everything heʼs ever done that was a huge success, those naysayers told him why it wouldnʼt work and it was all a bunch of BS. When it did work, he always remembered that in spite of doubt, he took action on his dreams! Thereʼs just one way to get to the level of success people only dream about: Take action! Itʼs that simple. Decide to take action. Honestly, this is all easy stuff once you get started on this new warrior path.